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3 Redenen Waarom Jij Waspoeder moet gebruiken in plaats van Vloeibare Wasmiddelen


Waarom zijn Nellie’s schoonmaakproducten op basis van poeder? Die vraag krijgen we de laatste tijd vaak. We hebben daarom maar eens handig en duidelijk op een rijtje gezet waarom jij waspoeder zou moeten kiezen in plaats van vloeibaar wasmiddel. Je zult versteld staan van de vooruitstrevende, maar toch simpele redenen! WATER BESPAREN Traditionele vloeibare wasmiddelen […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Liquid And Choose Washing Powder Instead

washing powder

Why are Nellie’s cleaning products based on powder? We get that question a lot, lately. We decided to make a quick run-down to formulate why they choose washing powder and why you should ditch the liquid. You will be amazed by how progressive yet simple the reasons are! SAVE WATER Traditional liquid detergents are made […]

Video: Our CEO tested the Nellie’s WOW Mop himself


Nellie’s All Naturals is our newest brand. This week our CEO Tim Laarman tested the WOW Mop. Watch the videos and find out why Nellie’s is Europe’s new standard for eco-friendly cleaning. Read this introduction also in Dutch. At the moment our team is working on the certification and labeling of the cleaning products and […]

Video: Onze CEO test de Nellie’s WOW Dweil


Nellie’s All Naturals is ons nieuwste merk. Deze week test CEO Tim Laarman de WOW dweil. Bekijk de video’s en ontdekt waarom Nellie’s de nieuwe Europese standaard is voor duurzaam schoonmaken. Op dit moment is ons team hard bezig aan de certificering en labeling en we verwachten de schoonmaakproducten zo snel mogelijk beschikbaar te hebben. […]

Blabloom test panel: “We are fans of Yumbox! A timesless design, sturdy and stimulating healthy eating habits.”

The Belgium store Blabloom has organized a kid test panel and reviewed the lunchboxes of our brand Yumbox. We were very excited to see the results after the successful last time they reviewed one of our brands. The tough but fair test panel kids had a great day! Afterwards Blabloom concluded: “A timeless design, sturdy […]

Come on let’s do this: “Oogaa, do you know it?”

This originally Dutch blog about Oogaa’s tableware is written by Charlotte Swart, owner of the popular company Come on let’s do this. Translated by the editors of Stoqk International. As you know I am always looking for new, innovative, preferably environmentally conscious items that are suitable for family life. In the meantime it has become […]

How to help your kids stay safe on the world wide web

Manager Operations

Our little ones find their way on the world wide web fast as lightning. Swiping, gaming, searching for their favorite films. Kids know it all. But do they know how to be safe, behave responsible and how to avoid unwanted content? And how do you control what they see? Young children are real adventurers; they […]

Why we choose silicone


We often get the question why we focus on silicone products and warn parents for the harmful effects of plastic products. That is an important question. Plastic: toxic or non-toxic? It is well known that manufacturers of plastic add chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A) and/or phthlates for several functionalities. These chemicals are toxic and leach […]