Did you know that disposable diapers are the 3rd largest consumer item in landfills, and represent 30% of non-biodegradable waste? The only other items that outnumber the amount of disposables in landfills are newspapers and beverage and food containers. Even though it may seem as if an individual child doesn’t contribute much to those numbers, each baby wearing disposable diapers creates about 2000 pounds of garbage over the course of two years. It takes hundreds of years for disposable diapers to decompose when exposed to sunlight and air. Since diapers are dumped into landfills, covered and not exposed to sun or air at all, nobody knows how many hundreds—or even thousands—of years they could be around. Babies will use between 6,500–10,000 diapers before potty training around 30 months old. Did you know that a disposable diaper is practically dripping in oil? Oil is the raw material for the polyethylene plastic in disposables and it takes about 1 cup of crude oil just to make the plastic for 1 disposable diaper. Taking that a bit further, assuming you use at least 6,500 diapers, this means that it takes about 1,625 quarts of oil to diaper your baby for 30 months—not including the oil involved in the diapers’ manufacture and delivery. Moreover, if the toxic waste and the misuse of oil weren’t bad enough, disposable diapers are toxic to your baby too. Baby’s poorly developed outer skin layer absorbs about 50 different chemicals if you use disposable diapers, wipes and standard baby products. This can be greatly reduced by using cloth diapers and natural baby products. Now it’s time to switch to biodegradable and all natural diapers for your baby. Bambyo diapers are available in 5 sizes (suitable for toddlers up to 20 kilograms). The diapers have an excellent absorption through the immediately absorbing ADL layer. The T-Shape design and surrounding elastic waistband create a perfect fit. The 3 mm thin core therefore perfectly matches the delicate and sensitive baby skin. In addition, the diapers are equipped with gold double arches (excluding patent) for the crotch and legs. These double arches are carefully tailored and ensure that there is no transverse pressure on the legs as soon as the baby poops or pees. This way the diaper prevents the development of bow legs. The special Aloe Vera layer provides the skin of the child and gives irritation and unpleasant odors.