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Bambyo is a brand that creates beautiful organic baby products. Since May 2017 we have included
products in our collection. All products are biodegradable, up to 100%.


Highlighted: Bambyo diapers

Bambyo’s diapers are made of bamboo, one of fastest growing plants on our planet. This makes the
diapers ecologically responsible. Bamboo has a natural antibacterial and antifungal function. The diapers
have a special anti leakage structure, absorbing ADL layer and an aloe vera layer that prevents from
soreness and rashes.

Above all, a part of all profits are donated to organizations that research fertility problems and kids
with congenital malformations. This makes Bambyo one of the most social and responsible brands on the
market, caring and supporting the environment and human health.

Bambyo stands 100% for:

  • No chemicals
  • Natural materials
  • FSC sustainable forrests
  • Environmentally friendly production, through closed-loop-system
  • New developments of production
  • Healthy future for humans, animals and nature
  • Honest prices
  • Great service
  • Fast delivery