Blabloom test panel: “We are fans of Yumbox! A timesless design, sturdy and stimulating healthy eating habits.”

The Belgium store Blabloom has organized a kid test panel and reviewed the lunchboxes of our brand Yumbox. We were very excited to see the results after the successful last time they reviewed one of our brands. The tough but fair test panel kids had a great day! Afterwards Blabloom concluded:

“A timeless design, sturdy and yet easy to open: we are fans of Yumbox! This bento box is super practical, because it has an interior with different compartments that are specially designed to control portions and stimulate healthy eating habits!”

We selected one of Blablooms reviews of the Yumbox Panino, which you find below. Do you want to read more reviews of Yumbox Lunchboes and do you prefer Dutch? Read them here.

Elske and her son Andres: “We think it is especially useful that you can combine both dry and semi wet food because of the separate compartments and the rubber closure.”


We used the Yumbox Panino for lunch and found it particularly useful that you can combine both dry and wet food through the separate compartments and the rubber closure. So we could not only take sandwiches with us, but also fruit, vegetables and yogurt. The backpack of a 3-year-old can sometimes have a hard time, but nevertheless we have not had any leakage!

We also used it during a birthday. Andres walked there all morning, showing off. So when the snacks came on the table, we decided to fill his Yumbox with all kinds of goodies. My son is very happy and proud with his Yumbox and we are happy that we have a little control over his consumption 😉

Score Yumbox experience

Easy to use: 4/5

The Yumbox closes well and the boxes are large and deep enough. The interior is easy to take out for washing. Washing is best done by hand, after which you should also dry it immediately because otherwise there will be drops / spores on it.

Quality: 5/5

Can take a beating, does not leak and has a very nice look. We are fan of these lunchboxes!

Overall: 5/5


The biggest advantage is that dry and wet food can be combined without leakage.
We have also seen that there is a Yumbox in snack format, which is ideal for snacks!


Wash by hand (tray can be placed in top rack of the dishwasher) and dry immediately to prevent drops.