Brands & Markets

The mission of Brands & Markets is to create added value for our client (supplier, retailer, consumer).

Stoqk trades for a better planet and future for our children*, while doing so we noticed that there is a considerable gap between brands and markets.

We often meet brands with great new ideas and products looking for expansion and unknown markets.

On the other side we meet single small retailers having a hard time to design or promote their great portfolio. Both parties look for certainty, reliable business partners, connection and good deals in the field of supply and demand. While each market has its own DNA, best channels, funnels and needs a different approach to connect a brand with the market.

We offer:

  • Market research for suppliers on our customer base
  • Product sourcing and investigation for retailers
  • Customer Journey / Experience check (NPS)
  • Sales, Marketing and Consultancy
  • Brand Promotion
  • Events Management
  • Advertising, Campaigns, Social Media, SEO & SEA
  • Warehousing & Fulfilment solution (subscriptions)
  • Central purchasing association for retailers

Together we build that bridge and service to make the best connection for brand and market.

* = sustainable, socially responsible products that are free of harmful substances and well-thought-out products.


You have the brand and we know the market

Terms and Conditions in Dutch: Algemene Voorwaarden Brands & Markets