About our February: “Sustainability and quality become more important for consumers. That feels great.”



Do you want to read about our month in Dutch? Go ahead!

February has been a busy but very special month. Our team has raced from trade fair to the one. We were in Nürnberg at the Spielwarenmesse, in Haarlemmermeer at the ShowUP Expo and in Amsterdam at the Negenmaandenbeurs. This last trade fair was one to remember for a long time.

The last week of February was at the same time the last week of a period that was dominated by numerous trade fairs in Germany and the Netherlands. Our team knows what such a period means: coffee, hours and hours of driving, coffee, business meetings, thousants of curious customers, coffee, sleeping in hotels, and did we say coffee already?

The Negenmaandenbeurs would last a week. On Wednesday morning the 21st, with still five trade fair days to go, we got the news that can not be compared with any latte macchiato.

We heard that Bambyo, one of our brands, our Benjamin, had won two Awards. The Consumer Award for best tested product and the Baby Innovation Award for most sustainable products.

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The jury comments were clear

– Baby friendly, no nonsense ingredients, great!

– Nice material and the care products smell and feel amazing

– The diapers are firm and soft and absorb absolutely well

– This complete sustainable brand is great. Don’t think, just choose a brand to have everything you need. Also looks magnificent.

You understand, reading these words again, we become as happy as the moment we first read them. The rest of the week our team has explained Bambyo’s products to thousants future parents and handed out many free samples.

The upcoming months we expect that this brand will grow significantly and will be known by many families. Enough reasons to ask Bambyo owner Roy van der Doelen about his experience and plans.

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Roy, Bambyo has only recently become active. How has the past period been for you?

“Busy! The creation of the idea and the actual putting in to operation of the concept requires a lot of time, money, creativity, energy and determination. You can hardly imagine. I would like to answer this question in more detail, but it is actually too much to mention. On our website you can read the origin of the company.”

A few weeks ago you were at the Negenmaandenbeurs. It was your first trade fair. How was it?

“The Negenmaandenbeurs was a great experience. Bambyo has now really come to the attention. I will definitely be back next year!”

Bambyo has won two prizes. How does that feel?

“It feels amazing! It gives a huge confirmation. Bambyo has already succeeded for me. It was also nice to receive these prizes together with you, Stoqk International. As a distributor you do important work.

“Sustainability and quality become more important for consumers. That feels great.”

Many positive reactions of parents?

“Absolutely. Our prices, for instance, are a little bit higher than people are used to, but we try anything to make our diapers, baby wipes and care products available for every family. Young parents receive a special discount code with their first order, for example. We notice people appreciate that.”

What does sustainability mean to you?

“For me it means the care for a better and healthier future for human, nature and animal. That is so important. For Bambyo it means to evolve and develop our assortment.”

What do you hope to achieve with Bambyo?

“To make as much families happy as possible. I would love to see Bambyo as a multinational. Our qualities have the potency to reach all of Europe. That is why I continue work on the development of Bambyo. Thus the next months will be busy but without a doubt great.”