Goumikids is an American brand in baby mitts, hats, boots and clothing. Their energy and social activity make this company a bless to work with.

Prefer reading in Dutch? Go ahead.


Why Goumikids?

Superior quality

Luxuriously soft and organic, the machine washable garments are made of 70% bamboo-derived viscose, 30% organic cotton and are naturally antimicrobial, providing protection from germs for your baby.

Stay-on technology

Featuring their signature two-part closure, Goumi Mitts and Boots combine a strong Velcro strap with ample elastic around the wrist and ankles to prevent the most active children from removing garments or slipping.

Giving back

Goumikids strives to make a big difference and to that end donate 10% of all profits and 100% of all goumigiving print profits to non-profit partners. These partners are India Partners in India and Solid Ground International in the Philippines. Both partners provide food, clothing, counseling, quality education & spiritual support for human
trafficking victims and their children.


Goumikids was born six years ago when two high school friends found themselves on a journey to make good. As new moms, they were both having trouble finding scratch-proof mittens that actually stayed on. So, in true Portland-style, they decided to develop a solution, and in the process, they created a company that they would love to work for; one that allowed them to be both parents and entrepreneurs.

They call theirselves goumi because goumi berries are small and purposeful; they improve their surrounding environment so that other plants can thrive. Like goumi berries, their passion is to improve everything they are part of.

Their first product, the goumimitt, hit the shelves in September 2011. They never looked back. After making the only stay-on, smart mitt, they have continued to innovate and add more goods: boots, hats, preemie mitts, jamms and ‘alls.

As a team they strive to improve the lives of parents and babies with everything they create. Not only by thoughtfully designing the products but also by giving back.