How to get soft laundry without chemicals

Laundry waiting to be washed is the seemingly endless chore! Even more when you have little children running around and getting dirty.
However, more important than the loads of dirty laundry, are the harmful chemicals in laundry detergent.

Ever wondered what’s in there? Let’s see!

1. SLS/SLES. Originally developed as garage floor degreaser, they also inflame skin, eyes, and lungs, and damage internal organs.

2. Phosphates. Phosphate exposure is linked to cardiovascular disease, heart disease, osteoporosis and death.

3.Formaldehyde. Increases risk of cancer and caused spots of dying tissue.

4. Chlorine Bleach. Most people don’t know how dangerous chlorine bleach is. Chlorine bleach causes severe burns to skin and eyes, blindness, pulmonary edema, and respiratory failure.

Your laundry chore is not going anywhere, so one popular option is to start looking for alternatives to these harmful products and avoid increasing the chemicals being absorbed by your body.


You can still have super-soft and scented laundry, without subjecting your body to horrible toxic chemicals thanks to Nellie’s Lamby Wool Dryerballs and Nellie’s Flyerballs!

Both are made with 100% pure New Zealand wool, so no nasties! They reduce drying time by helping dry your clothes faster, so you’re saving energy and money. They also reduce wrinkles, all while softening your clothes. Plus, they’re chemical free and will last about 2 years. 

What’s the difference between the original Lamby Wool Dryerballs and the Flyerballs? The wings on the Flyerballs are designed to help float through your dryer to separate fabrics, shortening drying time and reducing static.

If you prefer your laundry to have a fragrance, the Scented Wool Dryerballs are infused with pure essential oils and available in Citrus, Lavender, and Simply Fresh. 

The scent will last about 50 loads, so you can enjoy the chemical-free natural scent. We recommend tossing one scented wool ball with your four unscented wool balls to enhance your drying experience.