Video: Our CEO tested the Nellie’s WOW Mop himself

Nellie’s All Naturals is our newest brand. This week our CEO Tim Laarman tested the WOW Mop. Watch the videos and find out why Nellie’s is Europe’s new standard for eco-friendly cleaning. Read this introduction also in Dutch. At the moment our team is working on the certification and labeling of the cleaning products and we expect them to be available soon. In the mean while we asked the staff to take a product home. CEO Tim Laarman chose the WOW Mop and was quite happy with his choice. “The odor is simply great. The whole house smells fresh and yet natural, which is new to me.” Laughing, he adds: “And I mean the natural part, of course. My house is always fresh.”

Led Lights and other innovative functions for the best cleaning

Tim smelled lemongrass, Nellie’s signature fragrance. The Floor Care he used is a plant-based formula that works on i.e. hardwood, tile and ceramic. “I am a man who likes smart features. We were looking for the perfect combination of eco-friendly cleaning and innovation. I am glad we found Nellie’s. This WOW Mop, for instance, is cordless and very lightweight. Furthermore, it has Led Lights to detect dirt and a Spray Function for the difficult stains.” Nellie’s offers two types of Cleaning Pads, specifically designed for the WOW Mop. One for wet floors and one for dry floors. The pads can be reused up to 100 times. For the best results in both cleaning and maintaining, Nellie’s products can be combined. Find out more about using Nellie’s Products, read our special brand introduction.

Eco-friendly Mop

All Nellie’s cleaning detergents are plant based. The WOW Mop itself is also very sustainable. The Spray function makes sure you use the right dose detergent, don’t spill any and don’t use too much water. Furthermore, did you know that the WOW Mop runs for almost an hour without charging? That’s longer than we are used to. Tim already let most of his neighbours try the electrical mop and according to himself his popularity in the neighborhood has increased considerably. We give him that. 😉 The WOW Mop is now to be ordered at Stoqk International – as first of all Nellie’s cleaning products we will start distribute in Europe this summer. No customer yet? Contact us and we get you started.

Nellie’s is the new standard for eco-friendly cleaning.

Watch our videos below!