Jaq Jaq Bird provides families with the most wonderful chalk and draw products since 2005. Their products are probably the most popular party gifts from our collection. Here you find everything about the products and uniqueness of this brand.

Did you know that the company’s name comes from the Korean onomatopoeia translated as “chirp chirp”?

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Jaq Jaq Bird started in 2005 with the Chalk mat. More than a decade later, the company creates a varied collection of chalk and draw products, like chalk books, chalks and table runners.

The main product is the chalk book. These books are reuseable, consist of 8 blank pages or 8 beautiful theme prints. An eye catching line is the ‘Artists’ with prints of famous works of for instance Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci. Other popular reusable chalk books are the ‘Greek mythology’ and the ‘Dino’. The latter is shown below.

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Jaq Jaq Bird

The chalk books must be combined with the special Butterstix. These are dust free, which makes them perfect for kids and any surrounding. The chalk is even easy washable from several surfaces, like wood. Besides the chalks are non-toxic. In this way it is no problem if kids put the chalks in their mouths.

Furthermore, Jaq Jaq Bird also has Wishy Washy Markers. Pens in various colors, that come of just as easy as the dust free Butterstix.

Other products are Table runners, placemats and planners. All these products are to draw or write on and are reusable. It makes Jaq Jaq Bird a brand for the whole family.

Visit jaqjaqbird.com or take a look at the catalogue for an overview of the collection.

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Jaq Jaq Bird

Creativity unplugged

Being online or playing on screens starts at a young age. The mission of Jaq Jaq Bird is to make unique and beautiful products that will stimulate creativity and joy in families. In this way they hope to help parents with the day-to-day struggle to unplug children every now and then from their digital worlds.

Especially on the way or in restaurants, Jaq Jaq Bird’s chalk books are an excellent to keep kids from getting bored or difficult without using digital distraction.

This unplugged fun is one of the three major issues that concern modern families, according to our research.


Over the years Jaq Jaq Bird’s use of materials has evolved. Today the materials are environmentally friendly. All the products are strictly tested by third party labs for European and American standards. The products do not containt BPA, Phthalates, lead or PVC. Besides, they work with a minimal packing policy, so that 99% of the packing consists of paper.

This vision underlines this company’s encouragement to re-use.

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