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With its wonderful products Jaq Jaq Bird has grown to one of our top brands.

Heart behind this brand is Grace Paik. Her mission is to combine safety and being eco-friendly with unique and
beautiful products that will instill creativity and joy in a child.

Products and catalogue

Among Jaq Jaq Bird’s products are: chalk color books, chalk board calendars, table runners, eat maps, butterpens and doodle it chalk books.

All the products are strictly tested by third party labs for European and American standards.
The products encourage re-usability, so there is no waste, minimal packing (99% paper) and no BPA,
Phthalates, lead or PVC.

The full portfolio can be seen at www.jaqjaqbird.com or take a look at the catalogue.

Find your nearest Store to purchase Jaq Jaq Bird’s items, or contact us.

Jaq Jaq Bird