Littleheart is a Swedish brand and since May 2017 in our portfolio. We fell in love with their
combination of beautiful Swedish design and strong commitment to the ecosystem.

The photographs say it all. These products breathe typical Swedish tranquility, softness and intelligence. The cute products are perfectly suited for the little ones.

Prefer reading in Dutch? Go ahead.

Certified 100% organic cotton

Littleheart’s products are certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard. That means that outmost concern is taken in every step in the production process. The GOTS-certificate guarantees that the cotton is from organic harvest and that the production has strict regulations on chemicals. All products are free of for instance pesticiden, heavy metals or genetically modified organisms.

This emphasis on sustainability is one of the three major issues for modern parents, according to our research.

“We prevent that harmful chemicals are affecting the eco system and the people working
within the cotton production.”




The variety of products offers several styles of bedding, blankets, towels, pillow cases and cute stuffed bunnies. Littleheart has 7 different subcollections with bedding. The newest collection is called ‘Little Magical Garden’ (see below). Besides, two more collections consist only of stuffed bunnies (see below) and velour blankets.



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