We care about the future. Therefore we invest in environmentally friendly brands and help families to raise smart and healthy children. Stoqk is a distributor of eco-friendly and innovative baby, kids and family products. Our portfolio consists of brands in the categories Clothing, Feeding, Learning and Nurturing.


Everybody knows the paradox of choice. Too much choice leads to stress. We expect that the variety of family products will only expand in the next 10 years. Then how will parents be able to find the cherries, to find the best, sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy family products? Parents know what’s good for their kids and household perfectly by themselves, but they need help to find what they are looking for and to save time in their quest for the best. There will be thousands of products and so called experts that promise to be adequate and sufficient, without any prove or result. Stoqk supports modern parents by going for the best, selecting the most innovative and eco-friendly products. Being young parents ourselves, we know the key issues of modern parenthood. Together with our network of retailers and green entrepreneurs we help European families making the right decisions, decisions we would make.


In 2028 Stoqk is market leader in the field of eco-friendly and healthy family products. It is our mission to ensure that every European family is able to find the best products for their baby, kids and household. Our team selects the safest, eco-friendliest and most unique brands, keeps investing in finding the right retailers and helps both of these parties to grow. We inspire and create confidence. We develop, advise, build, design, promote, distribute and share. We believe that we can only guarantee this if we promise that:
  • Our brands have a great reputation outside of Europa or already in certain parts of Europe before we add them to our portfolio.
  • Stoqk is honest and focuses on helping parents and families, instead of blindly increasing sales.
  • We always keep improving our systems, judgements, people and knowledge the latest trends.

We discovered three major issues that concern young families

Health and care

Children need nutritious and balanced meals. With busy parents this is a slippery slope for almost every family. Ready-made meals and snacks seem the easy ways out. But they are full of hidden salts, sugars and fats, and lack the needed nourishment. Therefore we have selected several brands that stimulate and care for easy but smart eating habits for the whole family. For instance, the fancy bento’s of Yumbox.

Unplugged activity

It is a day-to-day struggle to unplug children from their digital world. Being online or playing on screens starts at a young age. Modern technology is necessary in our daily lives. But we also want our children to be physically active: to play, be outside, learn sports, explore and have real adventures. As we did when we were young. During the never stopping evolution of our portfolio we keep this will in mind. The lion’s share of our brands stimulate families to go unplugged every now and then.


The human ecological footprint has become an excess during the last thirty years. In the period 2010-2020 the world population yearly grows with 1,1 percent. The supply of natural resources can not keep up with this growth. And that means that the pressure on our environment will grow if the production process does not change. Humans and the environment need to coexist in balance in order to create a sustainable world. This means the world needs smart entrepreneurship with care.
To contribute to sustainable purposes we select our brands based on several requirements. To name a few:
  • Limited use of water
  • No use of pesticides
  • No use of BPA or phtalates
Our philosophy also includes the intention to pack and ship as environmentally friendly as possible. That means we recycle packaging and aim for all-in-one shipping of an order.