Using the Reflo drinking cup is a great way for children to learn drinking without spilling the beverage.
The cups have a continuous flow, which makes drinking a lot easier. This special design makes Reflo
also an ideal way to learn how to use an open cup without worrying about a big mess!

Not only children can use them, but really anybody who (sometimes) has difficulty in drinking without spilling.

Health advantages

In addition to this supportive and educational advantages, Reflo drinking cups has also health advantages.
They are an excellent alternative to “sippy” cups, which have been associated with speech and dental issues.
Why? Read it here.

And this versatility is why Reflo is an absolute great addition to our unique portfolio.

This brand is a small, family-run business, founded in 2010 by a mom and dad who wanted to improve the
way children learn to drink. Reflo was born and is quickly gaining popularity around the world.

The full portfolio is available on their own website, or click here to read the leaflet.


Read the Dutch version here (Nederlands talige versie)