Reflo produces drinking cups that help children to learn drinking and are the perfect
alternative for sippy cups. An ingenious ring is added to create a continuous flow,
which makes drinking a lot easier.

This makes the Reflo Smart Cup an ideal cup on the go.

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Health and safety advantages

According to our research health and safety are a key issue for modern parents. Reflo has
great health advantages. Did you know “sippy cups” have been associated
speech and dental issues?

Reflo is an excellent alternative drinking cup. The special spout avoids these health problems
and make sure children can drink safely.

More information:

  • All components are translucent so that users can see beverage levels for both safety
    reasons and as a training aid, so that users can actually see the cup’s contents as they
  • For optimum hygiene, there are no moving parts to trap debris and germs
  • Will work at virtually all angles and at any point of rotation delivering the same amount
    beverage to the user as they drink from the rim of the cup



  • Cup capacity with Reflo insert in place is 170 ml
  • Cup capacity without insert in place is 280 ml
  • Cup colors available: Red Violet, Blue, Green and Clear
  • Color insert: Clear
  • Recommended for any child old enough to use a sippy cup and any adult that wants a
    virtually splash-proof cup while on the go
  • Not for use with hot beverages
  • The cups have a continuous flow, which makes drinking a lot easier

All components are free of BPA and phthalate and are dishwasher safe (Top rack,
no heated dry or high-heat wash).

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