We are also the distributor of this brilliant brand, SqueasyGear, founded by the Wilson family.

This is what we want for our kids.

We all know the disposable ware we buy everyday, for instance the wasy and popular squeeze yoghurt
fruit pouches. These were really convenient, but they cost a lot of money and above all, their plastic
waste is enormous!

Beside quality, modern parents demand sustainability. Today you can find several different products that
try to meet these demands have for a good reusable feeding pouch. But none of these products meet all
the requirements as Squeasy Gear does:

  • Use your own healthy home made yoghurt, smoothies, fruit compote and purees for your children
  • Easy to fill, use and clean
  • Eco Friendly; BPA, PVC and PHTHALATE Free
  • No Leak, No spill, No mess
  • Pouches available / allowed to take on planes
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Dishwasher & Freezer safe
  • NEN-EN Tested

Squeasy Gear brings this sustainability and versatility to your life and the world around you.

Find your nearest Store to purchase Squeasy Gear items, or contact us.

Or click here to go to squeasygear.nl, our vital online store for the BeNeLux.



Did you know that Squeasygear.nl is a great valuable addition to our other brand we distribute,
namely G21.

Interested? Please read on this website about G21 or go directly to our dutch website V21.nl.

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