Yumbox creates real must have bento’s for the healthy and fun lifestyle modern parents want for their children.

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Nutritious habits

The American moms Maia and Daniela, dedicated to developing healthy eating habits in children, came up with the amazing idea of Yumbox. With their own experience and inspired by the French school lunches they knew how to combine fun and health at a top level.

Yumbox helps parents, and even children themselves, to create a varied, tasteful and nutritious meal.

With several compartments, the bento’s are specially designed to recognize designated food groups, and assist in controlling the portions children eat. Even wet foods, as sauces or yoghurt can be packed. The compartments are easy to remove, which makes cleaning no problem at all. How?

Check it out yourself in this smart video.



The Bento’s are available in four types and sizes: Original, Tapas, Panino and Mini Snack.

Every year two new lines of lunch boxes are released. That means new colors and new illustrations. The cool designs and more than 7 different illustrations create an adventure in good nutrition, way more exciting than just plain old lunch.

The fun illustrations are available for all four types of bento.

Sustainable and user friendly

And last but not least, the lunch boxes contribute to a sustainable life style. Using Yumbox helps
reducing plastic waste. Besides, all materials are free of:

  • BPA
  • Phthalates

And are in compliant to:

  • FDA compliant

This makes Yumbox a green, sustainable brand that combines beauty, fun and health. Perfectly suited for the modern family.



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